I wanted the PPP details from my modem so I could use them with a better device. You can easily see the PPP username in the admin page of the modem, but it doesn't give the password.

First I thought to look in the modem's config settings backup, to see if the password is in there. It's not plain text, it's encrypted, and so is the username. I have no idea how to decrypt them, and the method below is easier and faster anyway.

The modem's software version is 8.4.4.J. I don't know if it works with different versions.


  1. Go to the modem's web interface. Mine is at, the ip of your device may be different.
  2. Go to this screen: Screen (Home -> Broadband Connection -> Internet Services -> Internet) (Your connection may not be called 'Internet')
  3. Click the disconnect button, the page should refresh and show that it is not connected now.
  4. Bring up the 'Inspect Element' tool (right click), or simply view the source code of the page - and you will see your password!